Shrieking Violet

Unique hand made Sterling Silver jewellery made with real flowers by Shrieking Violet.  Each piece of jewellery is made from real miniature flowers which are encased in resin and then set in sterling silver.

The jewellery is all hand crafted in the U.K.  The designs include pendants, earrings,  bracelets, cufflinks and rings.

The flower jewellery is made with miniature real flowers that look like their larger flowers you would see in your garden or local florist but in actual fact are quite often an entirely separate species.  The flowers are either used whole or in some cases parts of the flower are used.

Each piece of jewellery comes in its own presentation box and brochure.

As with all Sterling Silver Jewellery there may be some tarnishing over time and this can be easily dealt with by using a silver polishing cloth (recommended). Brushing with luke warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid and an old toothbrush. Alternatively a chemical dip which are generally toxic so not recommended.

Some flowers may fade over time. It is recommended that when not been worn that they are kept in the box they came as long exposure to sunlight might cause some fading over time.

Water should not cause any damage but is recommend that you remove before showering or having a bath.

Shrieking Violet Jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver and is regularly tested to make sure if is up to standard and the regulations.  If you have any allergies even sterling silver can cause a reaction in some people.