Forget Me Not - Real Flower Jewellery

Forget Me Not Sterling Silver real flower Jewellery made with real miniature flowers by Shrieking Violet.

This is the Forget Me Not made from real pressed flowers in the U.K by Shrieking Violet a unique hand crafted jewellery collection.

Forget Me Not Sterling Silver real flower jewellery comes in a presentation box with an accompanying leaflet about Shrieking Violet.

Forget Me Not’s represent true love.  The gifting of the flower shows you love and respect the person you give them to and is an indication of your feelings for them and that you will never forget them in your thoughts.  They are a symbol of being faithful and truthful to someone you love.

Forget me nots also represent a long lasting relationship that can exist between couples and also friendships, a true relationship that survives the up’s and down’s of life.

Whilst the origins of the name remain lost in time, one story is that two lovers were walking besides the Danube river in Germany and they came across some small blue flowers growing on the riverbank.  The man bent down to pick some of the flowers to give to his lover and accidently fell into the river as he gave her the flowers.  As he was swept away by the river he shouted to her not to forget him and thus the name was born.

The forget me not is found throughout the UK from April till September most commonly on arable farmed land.

The little blue Forget-me-not
Comes too on friendship’s gentle pleas
Spring’s messenger in every spot,
Smiling on all – ‘Remember me!

John Clare, “On May Morning”

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